Long time no post! I’ve been so tired this past week: trying to catch up with friends before I go back to school, getting school stuff done, working as much as possible to make a good last paycheck. It honestly hasn’t been too bad but I’ve just been away from my laptop–which should be a good thing right?

I didn’t have much going on today so I just decided to take the time to draw/write some quotes out for my room at school! I love room decor and y’know your girl is tryna decorate on a budget. Calligraphy/drawing is honestly so therapeutic, and just taking my time making this quote poster was so nice to do to spend my day. I used to draw a lot as a kid but as I got older, I just never had the time for it anymore–I need to change that.

But yeah, anyway, I really liked this quote; I was looking at my tumblr from awhile ago and I saw this quote I had reblogged awhile ago, and I find it still so relevant to my life. Right now, I’ve just been consistently trying to remind myself that I shouldn’t wait for others to validate my opinions of certain things; it’s one of the things I realized I struggle with–may it be waiting for my friends to say whether they like something or not, choosing to lag on something until my parents approve of it, etc. I need to remind myself that my beliefs and opinions on the world are my own and I should NEVER be ashamed of them and never try to mold myself to be someone else I’m not. It’s one step to better understanding myself–so I’m on my way!


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