Flow with it

The crashing of the waves. The salty air. The chitter chatter of the night crowds. I have my dozen donut holes in hand. Yet my mind is still whirring constantly?

I feel like I have this horrible tendency to have this on-the-go mindset. When I got to the beach that night, I was planning to wind down, as I just got off my closing shift at work. I wanted to relax, feel the ocean breeze. The beach is a whole different beast at night and it’s amazing, something to admire. But I was just so high strung from the night’s events that even all these things couldn’t stop me from thinking so much and just let loose. It’s horrible, I know. And I had to actively remind myself as I was at the beach that night. It didn’t help that I was in these uncomfortable converses on the beach–when all I wanted to do was go barefooted (I guess I should’ve). But eventually I did come to calm, let go of whatever was niggling my brain at the moment–and it was great. The sound of the ocean, waves crashing, is so beautiful and it makes me so thankful that not only do I live in California, but I live so close to the beach. The waves alone are calming during the day, in the sun’s glow. But they are on a whole other level of enrapturing at night.

My friend and I were walking around on the sand and then we had also noticed that the “rocks” that we were stepping on the whole time WERE ACTUALLY CLAMS. I felt so horrible after! All the living creatures I had been stepping on this whole damn time because I had thought they were rocks… it’s both funny but so sad at the same time LOL. In hindsight, I should’ve taken a video because watching them move was so weird but satisfying at the same time–but the picture I took should suffice.

I guess what I’m trying to tell myself after all of this, is to slow down. I feel like I can miss moments like these so easily in my haste to get home and sleep after a long day at work. But I don’t get many nights like these! And look what came out of it–I found some clams.

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