Work Woes: Be a team player

I currently have a summer job at a boba shop; I had worked there a few years back but I came back because it was convenient and I needed money. But as I work there now, I can’t help but feel frustrated at some of my coworkers. I understand the frustrations one can have concerning work; feeling like you’re put to do the most work and essentially overworked. But there’s comes a point, at least in my point, THAT YOU HAVE TO JUST SUCK. IT. UP. What is complaining going to get you? How is complaining going to help this team? It is one of my biggest pet peeves to complain about small, relatively temporary gripes you have concerning your own problems, when it doesn’t serve the larger purpose. I feel like there is definitely a lack of community and helping one another, and more of a selfish, I’m doing what’s going to benefit me the most–which I can understand in some cases but in a team oriented job? Are you the selfish? Did you not read the job descirption? I don’t know, I’m such an advocate for effective communication for effective team work and when I see individuals in a team who are more concerned about their own benefits/problems, I can’t help but feel frustrated.


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